We must accelerate the worlds software production – why I joined CodeLingo…


Marc Andreessen famously said “Software will eat the world…” Todays fastest growing companies like Netflix and Amazon are software companies. The rest of the world is trying to catch up…

Companies of all shapes and sizes require massive amounts of digitisation moving forward. Immersive reality and a metaverse is coming. Robots, automation and the internet of things are close to reality. The implication is, we are going to need a lot more software developers and these new teams need to be more efficient, and effective than in the past.

The problem is most software teams are not efficient or effective. We are far from ready to scale this industry up. The process of coding in teams hasn’t changed in years and these teams are under extreme pressure to deliver results.

There is a lot of noise in the market. There are people who think they have the answers. But in a remote southern city, there’s something bubbling under the surface of all this code.

One voice struck a chord with me. Dunedin based senior dev/prophet Jesse Meek is one of those new age leaders. The kind of guy who has the bravado to think he can change the industry and I believe him. He is a man with a vision and a plan to get there. He looks a bit like Jesus on steroids. While he is a coder through and through, he speaks like a poet and spends his lunch breaks doing martial arts, rolling and entangled in Ju Jitsu.

CodeLingo’s software enables developers to seamlessly collaborate and review as they code. The platform is a smart coding workspace that makes it super efficient to produce quality code in teams.

Jesse’s company CodeLingo is attracting some serious talent. One man in particular is known for getting things done. If Trevor McIntyre was a boxer I would be seriously afraid of getting knocked out in the first round. The guy has a ridiculous win rate. Trevor brings absolute confidence and strategic certainty as co CEO.

I couldn’t turn down the opportunity of working with this level of fire power and innovation. So I climbed on board as CMO. This thing is moving fast. If you could, take the time to give me a shout out in the comments below. It would be great to hear your voice and thoughts…

Checkout: CodeLingo.io

By Hayden Breese