All are of this place


Perhaps it is not pedigree that separates one man from another – a mans success is defined by whether his will is determined by every voice that resides in his head.

It is enough to live to a personal standard – to conceive of and seek the accomplishment of challenging goals. To think and feel and autonomously action irregardless of mood and thinking. This is a state of true self awareness.

If we are wronged, it is the fool who directs anger and frustration within. Seek respite by your standard. Hold face with honour and poise. An angry face will miss the beauty and magic. A wise and open man will gain wisdom, as inspiration is a waiting gift.

We are privy to a constant flow of thought and feeling. All are engineered and of our own design. Our place is to choose those that serve us well, accept those that do not, for all are of this place.

By Hayden Breese