More Natural or More Machine


We humans long to automate the physical, to remove the limitations of the body. Many of us now find our natural state is augmented by a computational device. For those whose wellbeing and/or livelihood depend on our brainpower instead of our mustle, our bodies simply hold our head up.

The physical human time is coming to an end. Our cars will drive themselves, our factories produce with robotic arms. How long do our bodies have before they are old technology? We do not require them to hoe the fields, to dig, to drive, yet we need hands to point, to push and to wave.

We will require our bodies less again in virtual reality. It is in this virtual reality we become more disconnected from our bodies. We may feel an attachement from time to time, after all we still need to eat and to go to the bathroom. But in the virtual world they will not help us much. Our hands, our eyes and ears will see a human generated world. Our own bodies are gone.

As we advance our technology, synthetic skin, mustle, organs and lims will replace and upgrade our sleave. We will find ourselves less human and more machine in both body and mind. Who is to say this is wrong or right. It is hard to argue that the biological human body in its current form is any less a “technology” than a sythetic robotic form.

We have become angry due to our inability to understand and master nature. Like children we rebell and seek to dominate her with automation and machines. Yet mother natures technology is all around us. Our bodies and minds are sophistiated beyond our imagaination. Our forests likely hold the remedies to every biological ailments that inlfict us. Still we prefer our synthetic solutions like we know better.

Shall we dematerialise into the digital and leave all this physical mess behind. Should we merge with the machine and expand the scale of our knowledge and logic beyond our dreams. Perhaps we should merge with nature, heal our wounds, and naturally upgrade our bodies and minds to be more alive than ever before.

What worlds will we create..

By Hayden Breese