Your code lives on


If you are in marketing you have probably stopped to look at your son or daughter and thought…this is just me with upgrades. It’s hard not to notice the iterative improvements. They are smarter, probably taller, learn faster, physically more capable and not to mention tech savvy.

You have selected a mate whose genetic code compliments your own. This union of merged code results in a new version being released. This version hopefully has the best parts of you. Unfortunetly, it still has the potential to have the worst parts of you too.

We cannot initially do much about this “nature” component unless we understand it. If we can become aware of the risks, downsides and failiures of our unique code, we can change our behaviour to reduce its impact on our lives. Do you know anything about your genetics? If you did, you might be aware that certain kinds of exercise work better for you. You will know that certain foods hurt you. You will know that you are vulnerable to certain ailments and how to take better precautions. How can you possibly win in life if you are unaware of this information? In essence if you dont understand your genetics you are driving blind.

Ok so we have reviewed our genetics, what about nurture? What about the environmental influences that shape our behaviour, health and personality? So much so that the key developmental stages of youth will live on in you, and define how you interact and behave as an adult.

We like to think of our children being born innocent with a clean slate. They have more likely inherited a set of epigenetic changes that have been passed on through generations. Think of previous generations and their trauma iterating future generations to come.

We are a set of instructions. We are information carriers. We are a walking, talking hard drive. We love, hate, eat and live all with a air of self importance when really all that matters is the moment a new version is released. We are participants in a large human development process. Billions of different human product lines are in production. This is big data in action. Our code is busy ironing out the bugs.

We spend a lifetime developing our expendable bodywork and mind as the clock ticks down eventually our version will expire. We are left to be memories for our children. They continue the iterative process in our absense. The process must go on.

Time doesnt exist in the same way for our genetic code. Nor do we assume any sort of consciousness in a way we experience a sense of self awareness. Information isnt alive is it? Yet all this sounds airly familiar. In a way, like a self learning AI running billions of simulations.

If we ignore the humans for a moment we are left with a merging replicating code base acting in a iteractive development process. The question is who, why or what owns the code?

By Hayden Breese