Tesla Glass


It always feels good to place my Tesla glasses on my head. It’s hard to remember what life was like without them. To say my life is augmented is a bit of a understatement. The glasses see what I see and hear what I hear. They make me a better person.

I am not sure anymore whether they anticipate my response to the world or they control it. The artificial intelligence that enhances the glasses has long moved beyond “what you need to know about the world” to “respond like this.”

The augmented decision app and communication app can make me appear more intelligent, effectively a different person. But its not actually me. I have become some sort of human drone for this digital presence that lives through me. I’m conscious of course but enhanced by AI. “I suggest you go left…I suggest you provide a sincere apology…I suggest you respond with “Yes boss, I will get that done right away.” A little loss of free thought is a small price to pay for the kind of person I have become while wearing “Tesla Glass.”

If you really don’t trust yourself you can change the settings. I think a lot of people have chosen that life now. Instead of “suggest,” the AI says “Do this”. Sometimes its much easier to cruise through your day with the AI autopilot on. Makes it easier to watch a movie or play your favourite game.

I met my wife while connected. Which means while I have the glasses on, I always find the right thing to say. I knew when we met that she had been separated from her husband for over a year. I knew she liked Japanese food and movies about Italy. It wasn’t hard to get her attention. I know I’m punching above my weight. But hey we do what we need to do to get ahead right?

There are a range of applications that can be enabled such as Amazon shop. If I linger my attention on a consumer item or prompt it, Amazon asks if I would like to order it. I know everyone’s name now. The facial recognition is excellent. I know their occupation and background, pretty much anything they have shared on the internet via social media. I heard the police use peoples’ glasses to locate “persons of interest”. I feel good that my technology helps society.

I can record and reflect on key moments of my day. I can even share them later or in real time. This really helps to remember the special moments that occur and also helps during those day to day conflicts. No one wants their poor behaviour smeared all over the internet.

We live in an age of a spatial internet. Layers upon layers of information are available to an individual to augment their experience of reality. In fact, reality has become way more subjective. Anyone can choose a filter that fits their lifestyle. You don’t know if someone has their “people are clowns” filter on or worse.

It didn’t take long for Tesla’s object recognition technology to make the leap from vehicles to other consumer goods. Musk leverages all his companies to accelerate powerful innovation. I have my glasses thanks to breakthroughs at Neuralink combined with Tesla’s self driving technology. There are other platforms of course. Google Glass is especially strong with knowledge access and object recognition. Apple is in the game too. Samsung smart glass provides the hardware for many of the companies.

Oh wait, I forgot to charge my Tesla Glass last night. I cant go to this meeting without them and there is no way I’m going to the art gallery either. I don’t want to look like an idiot today, my world isn’t ready for the “real me.” Its not like I wasn’t smart before…but my life requires a “smarter me” and my AI and I double team it!

By Hayden Breese