Consciousness, being alive, the universe, everything


What is going on? I thought it was strange. I have heard about transference in the context of psychology but this was weird. How could two people experience their own subjective reality, hold different perspectives yet have the exact same feelings? We are different people right or is there some sort of glitch in how this whole thing is supposed to work? When I say, “whole thing” I mean consciousness, being alive, the universe, everything.

We are told we live in an objective universe with independent actors and laws that govern possibilities mathematically but what if we are wrong…

She is not here right now with me. Any sane person knows she is physically at work and I could prove that with a message or call. Yet there is one problem. Everything I see and everything I hear is my truth. I could prove she is at work, only so far as I could prove that I experience her consciously at work when I focus my perception on her being at work. When I shift my attention elsewhere she is probably still at work right? Does the tree really fall…

What if you were in fact in a virtual environment much like a computer game. One that does not have endless possibilities but a definitive start and finish. Plenty of free will is accomodated in such a game so that my choices have real consequences and the map is large but there are places in the map I just cant go. There are concerning and suspicious “locked in” parameters such as the expanse of space, the scale of the universe and my own subjectively independent perception of mind.

In fact I spend the majority of my time in the game repeating the same movements between home, work and play. Does the game play on outside of my sphere of conscious awareness? I don’t really know. I expect it wouldn’t need too. An endless melting pot of raw ingrediants held in superposition until I observe them.

Every now and then I seem to reach a key moment in the game, where a significant thing happens and then the whole thing goes back to more of a repeat mode again. Characters in the game could be other players or perhaps non playing characters managed by the game itself. In that sense “the game” has its own master plan and the game can be adapted to my interests and my tastes. Anything to keep me playing, right?

What if the simulation architecture powered every character at their core, something akin to Carl Jung’s collective unconscious. Then a ring fenced self aware layer was added on top, much like a virtual private server. No one would be aware that they are in fact part of the same system, the same entity. Everyone would have the experience of independence. The feeling of seperation. The illusion of their own virtual conscious reality…

By Hayden Breese