Are we over taxing ourselves.. Is your personal life setup to produce a profit?


Is your personal and working lifestyle sustainable or are your using a resources faster than you can produce them? Do you often feel tired and burnt out? Many of us are doing too much and expecting too much and too soon.

Setup and live your life in profit

Sometimes it seems we cannot break even. By the time we work, look after our families, exercise, pursue hobbies and time with friends, we’re exhausted. Lets face it you could be stretched. Perhaps you have been burning off assets for some time just to get by.

Could we all be fooled into living beyond our means?

If you are living in the fast lane balancing balls in the air, chances are you are beginning to drop one or two. Now this may not be drastic yet depending on the balls that are being dropped. Most of us I would bet drop the ones that we can get away with the most. Meaning the things that we can let ourselves away with. What would happen if because you were too busy at work you didn’t have time to eat properly that day or guzzled a heap of coffee instead? Perhaps to reduce you’re already over committed brain you ruled against going to the gym or some other form of exercise, after all your tired and need to relax. The problem is that these things don’t just happen once or twice, they can happen every day until they are a natural way of existing for you in your life. They become the easiest least resistance way of surviving as you.

The irony is that food and exercise fuel you; they generate energy making you stronger and able to achieve more of what you need to do. Work and hobbies exist to serve you, to support and drive you. Little choices made on an ongoing basis, where you put your work and goals ahead of yourself eat away at you until you under-perform at them and your lifestyle and self suffers. Many of us don’t wake up to this until they get a major wake-up call in the form of a trip to the doctor.

Sometimes it seems as if it is getting harder and harder to just break even. The two critical areas where people feel pressure are time and finances. Now a lot of us may have a student loan, it costs more to own your own home or the home that you want. Time is all time scarce doing the things that we need and want to do with our time.

Where does that leave us?

What we want is to feel healthy, passionate, and energized in free time that we can use to pursue our ideas and passions, exercise, and relaxation.

Money, time, growth don’t naturally line up at the same time.

If you are growing and want to keep growing you have to balance out growth and money or scale back. Because if you are operating on the fringe of the next scale of growth and your resources are stretched to the maximum. And I mean all y our resources including you. Things are going to break. Your choice is to scale back or scale up. At this point the three things you need to do are to delegate to free time. Which means hiring people or getting support from others. The second thing you need is to get money to act as a buffer to manage expenses while cash-flow catches up with the new resources and assets being established.

By Hayden Breese