Health is Power said the Chicken to the Egg


What came first, the chicken or the egg? It seems this puzzle applies to most things. None more so than health and fitness. When you are eating like crap, feeling like crap and thinking crap you are getting a lot of crap. In fact, your food is like the chicken and your thoughts like the egg or whatever order you feel the chicken and egg should be. We feed a continuous health cycle with positive thoughts and good food or negative thoughts and bad food. We make very poor assessments of our own ability when we think, I am an unhealthy eater, I am overweight, I am fat. When in fact these generalized statements have very little evidence backing them up. You could be heavier because you have more muscle, and there is no definitive formula for what defines a “fat” person only your own expertly biased opinion. Its a nice little game to play with ourselves, tending to our emotional outbursts, self blame and bullying. We wouldn’t put up with it from someone else or ever think of subjecting others to this, so why do we do it to ourselves? We don’t need the answer to this question. We don’t need to be defined by a negative concept of who or what we are right now. We don’t need to know that the chicken comes before the egg. What we need is an idea. An idea that has a little piece of reality. An idea for transformation. See you do not need to change the formula in its entirety, you just need to understand the rules in which the game is played. You can be healthy and energised by being healthy and energised. You can be an active person by being an active person. Forget about weight, what a boring way to feel better about yourself. When we think through why we want to be fitter and why want to be thinner, its more to do with fun, friends, love and acceptance than looking good.

You need to become an energy producer, thats right an energy producer. You are going to be so energised that you contribute to the national grid! Right now if you are struggling to get the energy you need to keep up with the day to day demands of  your lifestyle, then you are stuck as an energy user. You are like an energy consumer plugged into the national grid tortured by high fluctuating electricity prices. You rely on others to perk you up, or you rely on coffee and sugers or the like.  This works fine as long as someone else does the work for you and energy is in good supply. The reality though is that to make it through you need to rely on yourself to get going. You need to be the producer. You can be the power plant, and the way you do this is to be positively active because the more active you are the more energy you will bring into your life, not just in your body but also your mind. Once you have a consistent supply of home grown energy you will become the great energy distributor. Yes you will be so energised that it will rub off on others. You will begin to inspire those people around you and soon energy will spread in abundance, all because of you.

By Hayden Breese