Are you proud of yourself Otago?


The founding symbol of pride, the one constant, the Carisbrook legacy is almost lost. Few challenged the slide remarks from northern media about the quality of the stadium. At what point did we start listening and at what point did their opinions begin to matter. Teams would come and go, great players have been written in history, all shared the legend of Carisbrook. But no more.

I am not saying that a new stadium is a bad thing. I like shiny things. What I will say is that when you swiftly discard a legacy symbol of pride you are left with a feeling of loss, a feeling of disillusionment and you start to wonder whats left to be proud of anymore.

Remember the stories, they were real, a game at Carisbrook used to mean something. Playing for your representative side used to mean something so did supporting your team. Now we find a team lacking pride, a game which is lost, and fans in disillusionment, perhaps it is time to rediscover what made Otago Rugby Proud.

By Hayden Breese