Dunedin New Zealand, “The Business of Opportunity”


Dunedin, New Zealand is a fantastic place to live and work. While it is very saddening to see some large employers reducing jobs in Dunedin, I feel that this is a place of opportunity….

Dunedin has a small and fast moving marketplace

In Dunedin excellence is recognized and rewarded quickly. There is less room for inferiority and wastage because the market is too small to support this. Those small businesses that survive transformation to become larger businesses have streamlined market expansion capabilities, because they are forced to seek out geographical expansion sooner in their growth phase.

Good people do well

In Dunedin, there are less people than the larger centers, so smart people get connected quickly and they stay connected. People see each other more often because they are closer together. It is easier to get together. In this sense, business relationships are strong and have depth.

The speed of movement

In Dunedin it is easier to get around. You can get to most places around Dunedin in a matter of 10 minutes and with very little traffic to slow you down. This speeds up business transactions, from tradespeople moving between jobs through to how many executive meetings can be held in a day.

Creativity and innovation

Dunedin’s distance creates an environment for unique creativity. New Zealand’s oldest university brings massive amounts of both youth and wisdom into the city where intellect and energy inspires the formulation and sharing of new ideas.

The best of both worlds

Dunedin has an abundance of wildlife and heritage that creates a unique atmosphere and character. Dunedin was the center of New Zealands economy, and you are well aware of it today. The magnificent old buildings of commerce have been brought to life by Dunedins vibrant business community.

You get the sense that the glory of Dunedin has returned already. Today there is massive progress towards a new social entertainment waterfront and a brand new stadium. Sustainable eco-tourism is alive in the new wildlife eco-santuary and many other treasures surrounding the city. Dunedin is a forward thinking progressive city of energy and life humbled by respect for its rich traditions and environment.

When I think of Dunedin I think of both the future and the past. Dunedin rewards those people who commit 100% to the city and if you can make Dunedin a part of your future, you and your business will excel!

By Hayden Breese