What is an sustainable marketing strategy for Dunedin city.


Messages become diluted in effectiveness when they attempt to do to much. For example, we could present a strong proposition for people moving to the city versus an advert that attempts to attract short stay visitors and promote the lifestyle. So what we need is a clear and simple benefit proposition that can work across multiple channels and for most stakeholders.

What do we want to achieve, what does our final outcome look like?

Lets brain storm a bit here and see what pops out:

1. A thriving economy that delivers wealth and a high standard of living for local people. Young people can find fulfilling employment and opportunities with rewards in excess of options elsewhere. Businesses are successful and continue to reinvest in the infrastructure of the city and the community.

2. A satisfied and thriving population that is rich in culture and community spirit. A multitude of community events. Support for the young and old.

3. A growing sustainable city that attracts people, investment and businesses.

Why do people choose to live in Dunedin?

1. A few of the reasons people choose to live here are due to size. Dunedin has a perception of safety and community.

2. Key words thats spring to mind are “Youth”, “Heritage”, “Wisedom”, “Culture”, and “Lifestyle.” The benefits are as you can see inherently lacking is in the industry/business area. This is not to say that this area is under performing, it is my belief that this area is simply in the most need of more promotion.

What is Dunedins competitive advantage

1. One option is to take a broader benefit approach and consider the benefit of Dunedin as the largest city in Otago. I believe that a strong pull for people living in Dunedin is the smaller city life with access to many lifestyle options. The geographic location of this city provides access to Central Otago and other adventure/leisure holiday areas for enhanced lifestyle.

2. It would take too long to run a campaign challenging misperceptions about Dunedin. For example, cold, small economy problems etc. A campaign that can gain traction quickly could be to go down the knowledge economy route. The city could be seen as an Oxford/Silicon Valley hybrid? A place with depth of expertise and knowledge, and commercial innovation in IT, biotech and much more… all with a fantastic lifestyle of course.

To have any competitive advantage it has to be compared or be competitive. So who are the competitors and what are they doing? I am going to consider just two for starters…Lets think. Wellington first went to market of late as the romantic city “fall in love with Wellington” and is currently marketing as the Gift city. A place to go for shopping. Which is fair enough. I dont think wellington in known as a knowledge city or a gateway to local holiday destinations so either one of our strategies holds up their in that regard. Christchurch has some really nice character elements to it and its benefits are diverse, the “Garden City” proposition is reasonably effective in giving it an identity that is sustainable. After all everyone wants to live in a beautiful city and gardens are beautiful right. It has that holiday access feel to it I guess. Actually it can offer many of the things Dunedin can but these benefits are difficult to utilize in a unique sustainable proposition because there is not one item that defines Christchurch, it is a bigger city with diverse reasons to be there. Of course it has the same problems of bigger cities also.

So at this stage my pitch would be somewhere along the lines of the knowledge city with an adventure lifestyle component.

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By Hayden Breese