I love you Web Stock 09


Webstock 09 was a real eye opener. The web is a mature 2.0, or maybe 2.0.1 and anyone with half a computer can post their photos, twitter their life away, and network with friends to their hearts content.

The question on everyones lips, where is it all heading? The answer is “no one really knows.” The best guess is that every thing will be more connected and I am not just talking about the people.  Things will talk to things, yes thats right. plants, fridges, pens, toilets will all communicate the meaningless and meaningful via the Internet. Sometimes these connection will be really helpful to humans and sometimes they may be completely senseless. The truth is what doesn’t serve a purpose will at least entertain us if not inspire us.

What did I take from it all…things don’t have to have a purpose to be meaningful; stay and take the time to play in what you build; successful websites are fun and like games, and finally the web is about people, their lives, their loves and emotion.

Thanks Ze Frank. Thanks Bruce. Thank you to all the presenters. What a great community of people we have here in the New Zealand web industry. Together we can help to make the world a better place.

By Hayden Breese