Links help your website to become number one in Google


Everyone wants their website to be number one in Google. Getting there can be straight forward you simply need to know where to look. Did you know that the greater the number of links to your website, the more important your website will appear to search engines and the higher your website will perform in search results.

The goal is to get other people to place a link on their website through to yours. It is easy to see how you are performing in Google. Simply load up the google website and in the search field area enter “”. What this does is ask Google to find and tell us all the websites that have links through to our website.

Now that you know who is linking through to your website, you can begin to build a list of people and organisations that you would like to exchange links with. It is often appropriate, when asking for a link to your website, to offer a link back in return. Many people choose to have a links page, or a partners or suppliers pages on their website for this purpose.

One final thing, when you are asking people for a link to your website, try and get one of your most important keywords included in the link. This will help Google to qualify your website as important for that particular keyword search.

By Hayden Breese