Worlds within Worlds


I was steering out from the beach at the sea and thinking this is real life, nature at its best. The sheer force of the sea was spectacular and about as far from being influenced by me as possible. That’s when I thought what we cannot control we alienate, I didn’t pay it any further attention, why should I it was too powerful for me. We create worlds within worlds because as a species we have failed in our attempts to control the real world. The real world enforces our insignificant existence, our confused state of being in an infinite galaxy.

Lets face it, we cant understand it, and we cannot control it. Isn’t it wonderful how we all create world within worlds. Markets, money, economics, its not real. Actually it’s about as far from real as we can possibly imagine. And even when we start to get close to understanding something absolutely we discover there is more to it or the rules change.

If the majority of communication between people is transferred through expression what happens when we start completing the majority of our communication in new worlds such as email and txt? Well we don’t have to deal with emotion, and we don’t have to react to life straight away, in fact we can delay a response, think about and reply from a much more logical position.

We now communicate through websites. Thanks to facebook and the like we no longer need to catch up face to face to share a catch-up about our lives. Our significant others are following the details and thoughts about our day to day lives on facebook and twitter every day. Its all a bit one way though isn’t it? For example, there is a lot of information now out their about seemingly trivial thoughts that prevokes no further thought or conversation. This is probably because it was never worth mentioning in a conversation and thanks to technology advancement we are all blessed with this highly worthwhile distraction. Who would have imagined all the people I know meeting in one place, and simultaneously talking at once, telling me what’s for dinner, how they hate the weather, who their now friends with. We love it! That’s right you love it too don’t you. We cannot resist the temptation to connect even in this rudimentary, unequivocally crude fashion.

That’s right all this extremely meaningless chatter makes us feel better about our seemingly meaningless lives. As much as reality TV entertains us, this article, while just as distracting, serves no real purpose, contains nothing profoundly interesting and simply confirms our place of relative unimportance in this uncontrollable world. So seek out the places with the clear rules, avoid encounters of pure emotion and take a typing course because like it or not, the new world is made up of written words and numbers and your part of a new synthetic existence. And we wonder why as a society our mental capacities are stretched to the limit.

By Hayden Breese