Selling online…will it sell?


So you’re thinking about selling on the Internet. You talk to friends and business associates and they all agree that it would be the next logical step for the business. However, will that new revenue stream become a revenue stream? Many businesses get online to discover that making a sale over the Internet is like finding water in a desert.

If you are blessed with a product that everyone desperately wants and in a market with no competitors you may find selling over the Internet relatively easy. The majority of us in business aren’t so lucky.

The Internet is a shot in the dark if you let it be. Your products are more likely to sell if people interested in purchasing actually have a chance to find your website. Now this may seem obvious, but the majority of website owners rarely consider traffic implementations of their website design and promotion, or lack of. Therefore, a half hearted effort is likely to result in half hearted results or none at all.

Prospective website owners should consider the ease of transportation of their product. The Internet is a mail order system in many cases; products need to be able to be delivered safely and securely. Does this description fit the likely distribution of your products?

Do you have the time and resources to do this new channel justice? Sure you say, I’m committed. The reality is that many small business owners don’t have the luxury of in-house IT teams responsible for managing a web presence. Neither do they have the pockets to pay some else to do it. Consider your commitment to an internet investment carefully. Will you really follow through?

The online consumer has to trust your web offering before parting with their hard earned cash. If you intend to build the online version of a thai market street stall then don’t expect the consumer to willingly hand over their credit card.

On a more positive note, if you have a product that is special and difficult to reach in ordinary distribution channels, you may find the Internet the best place to reach thousands of interested consumers. In addition, if you are committed to making it work, which means you invest in marketing and developing your website offering, you might become another online success story.

By Hayden Breese