Smart design


If your search engine rankings are important to you then you need to read this. You can save yourself a lot of sleepless nights by talking to an Internet marketing professional before and during the development stage of your website. Many of the ranking and performance issues website owners face, have been derived from websites with poor search engine design.

I suppose some of the readers out there are thinking that’s great advice but I already have a website, what can I do now! Improving search engine rankings is fundamentally about good content. What I mean by that is, it needs to be focused on the most important topic to the visitors you are trying to attract to your website.

If you have a lot of freedom to make changes to your website then by all means get the right advice and begin restructuring your pages and adding the content that you need. There is nothing worse than being locked into some sort of template or contract that destroys your chances of ever getting good search rankings. So think carefully before you choose an internet solution.

If you are yet to develop your website or are looking to make changes, consider getting good internet marketing advice. Don’t fool into the trap of thinking that your web designer can do everything for you. Most developers have special skills in particular areas of design and development but there are only a handful of firms that can manage website performance.

If you need any more help then don’t hesitate to contact me personally. Here at Myth we apply proven marketing and business techniques to the Internet, enabling you to benefit from the analysis of customers, competitors and markets to build search engine optimized websites with customer focused content.

It doesn’t stop there; we are one of only a few companies who are able to promote your Internet business using the latest online and offline marketing techniques.

By Hayden Breese