What we must do about large scale migration


As global citizens, we must all unite with common purpose to solve the problems that effect us all. People are people, from next door, another island, they are all the same. We share the planet, and the same needs as human beings. When people flee their homeland, we must open our eyes and our minds to their plight.

It is possible to create a solution if everyone is involved and shares the load. That means all and every decent civilisation on this planet accepting their share of the solution. If we come together as one people, and offer our hand, we can say, “we will do what we can” and together the burden will be small and the solution big.

Our ability to collaborate, and to coordinate as a species, sets us apart from other beings on this planet. We need to live up to our potential and act as as group with a decisive regard for humanity. This simply means establishing a leader who will organise the pledges of each country. This leader will then manage and coordinate the overall logistics of retrieval, as each country collects their new people. Lets work together, let our response reflect the best of what humanity can be.

By Hayden Breese